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OPQ Home Inspections, LLC


We leave the once overs to the other guys!


One of the most important investments that you can make is in a home. You need to make well informed decisions and should assess all aspects of the home. A home inspection provides the insight that you need. 


"We believe that not only is it essential to provide the highest quality services but treat every client with astute attention, overall quality, and unbiased respect."

~ John Perry of OPQ Home Inspections ~


OPQ Home Inspections, LLC was formed to provide insight to homeowners & home buyers about such a monumental investment.  OPQ stands for something more than a fancy logo. O stands for overall, you can be sure that the inspection, though visual in nature, is not a quick glance get the contract signed kind of experience. A quick once over is not what you will get with OPQ. P stands for my name, because it is my name & reputation that I am willing to stand behind when I do any inspection. Q stands for quality, you can be sure that with years of being in the trades that using those experiences have given me the keen senses to catch things some would miss. Being present & asking questions will also give you a higher quality experience and understanding of the detailed report you will get with OPQ!

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